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Theo Publishing was established in Pardubice in 1994. Its was established as the result of a successful public tender to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a publisher of a magazine that would present the Czech Republic abroad. This marks the beginning of the modern history of Welcome to the Heart of Europe, which is produced in five language versions seven times a year (six bimonthly issues and one special issue) with a circulation of 12,000 copies.

The activities of Theo Publishing are of course not limited to the publishing of this magazine. Among the many works to have been published by Theo Publishing are:

An Official Portrait of President Vaclav Havel

An Official Portrait of President Vaclav Havel (1997)

that was prepared in connection with this trip through Latin America.


Pardubice (1996)

is a collection of articles about the city of Pardubice.

Petr Kabes - Poems

Petr Kabes - Poems (1995)

is a collector´s volume accompanied by illustrations by Josef Prochazka, an artist living in Pardubice.

Vaclav Havel: NATO, Europe and the Security of Democracy

Vaclav Havel: NATO, Europe and the Security of Democracy

is a selection of speeches, articles and interviews given by President Havel between 1900 and 2002. It was issued in both Czech and English in cooperation with the Office of the President on the occasion of the NATO Summit in Prague.

Czech Republic´s Facts and Figures

Czech Republic´s Facts and Figures (1996)

was conceived of as a profile of the Czech Republic for foreign firms and individuals.

Masks, Demons, Jesters

Masks, Demons, Jesters by Ludvik Baran and Jitka Stankova (1998)

is a book on Czech folklore and was issued in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture with the support of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. Over 120 pages of texts and pictures it presents an exhaustive overview of Czech folk customs and masks. The book represents the life’s work of its authors, two leading experts on Czech folklore.

Zodiac 2000

Zodiac 2000

is a large wall calendar for the year 2000 created using exclusive graphics by the artists Josef Prochazka on the theme of the signs of the zodiac.

At the end of 2002, Theo Publishing won a public tender for the publication of a quarterly focusing on the Czech Republic´s participation in EXPO 2005 in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi. First issue of this review was published in July, 2003 (

In 2002, Theo Publishing also became a media partner of the prestigious Prague exhibition hall Leica Gallery Prague.

Theo Publishing is also active in a wide range of noncommercial activities.

THEO Publishing

Welcome to The Heart of Europe

Welcome to the Heart of Europe is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the Czech Republic published by THEO Publishing in cooperation with the Press Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was launched in 1994 and is distributed to Czech embassies and consulates abroad, missions and Czech information and cultural centres as well as to passengers on Czech Airlines flights.

It appears in five languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

For more information about the review please contact us by e-mail.

A Japanese edition of the review Welcome to the Heart of Europe!
In late 2004, we published a special issue of the review devoted entirely to Czech music. This issue has now been translated into Japanese, making it the first-ever Japanese language edition of our magazine.

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