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1/2008 content:

The Power of Good - the incredible story of Sir Nicholas Winton, saviour of hundreds of Jewish children, Moravians All - the founder of genetics, the pioneer of psychoanalysis, the greatest logician in human history - all of them from Moravia, The Undiscovered Franz Kafka, or Searching for the Light of an Ancient Sun - a collection of magical photographs reflecting Franz Kafka’s travels, UP and Away - the return of the famous UP trademark, Gallery - Quido Kocián, considered the most gifted Czech Art Nouveau sculptor, The Clear-eyed Sceptic: Jan
Švankmajer - a film director whose companions by the same "fishpond"are Louis Buñuel and David Lynch, "The Last Living Baroque Composer" - František Xaver Thuri, imbued with the spirit of Baroque music but born three hundred years later, The Greatest Czech: Jára Cimrman - from fictitious character to national symbol: witty mystification does its work, Mosaic - interesting people and events in the Czech Republic, Tragic Emma Destinn - the Czech singer who became one of the world’s greatest opera stars

2/2008 content:

Prague’s New Town - Charles IV turns Prague into the greatest urban centre in medieval Europe., The King of Two Peoples - 1458, and a man ascends the Czech throne who will make a major mark on the Czech state and influence European politics., The Prague Defenestration - the start of the first stage of the Thirty Years’ War, The National Museum - 190 Years since its Foundation, Year of Revolution - a year that brought a sense of liberation for many, The National Theatre - the laying of the cornerstones in 1868, a major national political event, Gallery - The Czechoslovak Legions
- the legionary tradition as the basis of the military tradition of the new state, The Creation of Czechoslovakia - 28 October 1918, the emergence of an independent and free Czechoslovakia, The Munich Agreement - an event that crippled Czechoslovakia and foreshadowed the tragic fate of Europe, The February Coup - a putsch that led to forty years of totalitarian Communist rule, The Prague Spring - the emergence of "socialism with a human face" smashed by the Soviet military invasion, "8s" - a mosaic of events in history occurring in years ending in an 8

3/2008 content:

"Our presidency comes at just the right time," - says Ambassador Milena Vicenova, Czech Permanent Representative to the EU., Europe as a Task - "We live at a time when Europe has the opportunity, unprecedented in its history, to put itself in order according to the principles of equality, "Schengen in Bohemia" - Adam Drda on the countrys border from 1948 to its disappearance in 2007, Heading the Class in Transformation - The Bertelsmann Foundations evaluation of the Czech Republic in terms of economic transformation, Presidents - Czechoslovak and Czech Presidents from the creation of an independent Czechoslovakia in 1918,
"Well have a hand in whatever happens." - Marek Danihelka on Czechs working in the "capital of the EU", Brussels, The Passionate Anti-lyricist: Milan Kundera - One of the worlds best known Czech writers, as seen by Karel Hvizdala, Twenty-four Islands of Czech Culture - Twenty-four Czech Cultural Centres: representing the Czech Republic in twenty countries on three continents, The Top 10 - Ten original Czech products granted European Commission labels, "We take our home with us." - Jiri Voskovec, Jan Triska, Pavel Landovsky, Jitka Frantova - Czech actors in exile

4/2008 content:

"Virtue must be expressed and passed on," says the Czech writer and diplomat Jiri Grusa, Director of the prestigious Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and President of International, The Art of Helping - Czech development aid, as seen by Lenka Klicperová, Editor-in-chief of the monthly Lide a Zeme, Democracy, Freedom, Respect - the European Foundation for Demo cracy through Partnership, a consortium of fifteen European organizations focusing on support for, Fulfilling Our Tasks - Four reporters look at Czech military missions in which almost 900 soldiers are taking part in international operations., Centipede - art produced as part of the children’s peace movement Centipede,
People in Need - a profile of the most important Czech humanitarian organization, active in 44 countries round the world, Defending Human Rights - In the three years since it joined the European Union, the Czech Republic has earned a reputation for promoting human rights, points out, Czechoslovak Diplomacy (1918 - 1948) - a look at the complicated history of the early years of Czechoslovak diplomacy, by the historian Ivana Koutska, Mosaic - interesting people and events in summer 2008, The Changing Architecture of Czech Embassies - Robert Janas surveys the architecture of interesting Czech embassies, missions and consulates abroad.

5/2008 content:

"The Czechs no longer fear their own past" says Pavel Zacek, Director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, A Radar and 250 Yanks - the American military base at Brdy: a historic step, and not only for the Czechs, Czech Footprints in Space - astronauts of Czech origin coming here in search of their roots, Temelin - a symbol in Europe for the debate over nuclear energy, Gallery - the Roma in Czech photography, Olga Sommerova’s Seven Lights - On Yom
Ha’Shoa day, Jews light seven candles in memory of the victims of the Second World War., I’m Vasyl, a Czech Worker - as many as 150,000 Ukrainians working in the Czech Republic, two-thirds of them illegally, "I enjoy great dramas," - says the war correspondent Petra Prochazkova., Mosaic - interesting people and events in summer 2008, "So bark! You’re a dog!" or, A Reporter in Female Dress - a portrait of Olga Fastrova, the first Czech female journalist

6/2008 content:

Germanic Tone, Slavonic Melody - the character of Prague’s German literature, which gave the world Franz Kafka and many other writers, An Eternal Legend: The Rabbi and his Golem - tracking the first "android" on the European continent, I Will Arise! or, Josef Florian’s Honest Work - one of the most industrious Czech publishers, who believed that his work was inspired by God, The Man Who Fought with the Devil and with Women - perhaps the greatest self-made Czech artist, the creator of woodprints Josef Vachal, Gallery - a dream fulfilled by the name of Portmoneum, Palaverers on the Silver Screen - One of the screen adaptations of a book by
Bohumil Hrabal won an Oscar, and the others are equally good., A Story of Evil May Lead to Good - Arnost Lustig, who sets out as an author to settle accounts with the evil of the Second World War, Pavel Tigrid’s Testimony - More than Just a Journal - the man regarded by the Communist secret police as public enemy number one, who was never silenced, Mosaic - items of interest relating to the upcoming Czech Presidency of the EU Council, Beatniks in Brueghel’s Wintry city - When the beatnik Allen Ginsberg became king of the students’ May festival in Prague in 1965, the Communist cultural officials were enraged ...

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Welcome to the Heart of Europe is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the Czech Republic published by THEO Publishing in cooperation with the Press Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was launched in 1994 and is distributed to Czech embassies and consulates abroad, missions and Czech information and cultural centres as well as to passengers on Czech Airlines flights.

It appears in five languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

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A Japanese edition of the review Welcome to the Heart of Europe!
In late 2004, we published a special issue of the review devoted entirely to Czech music. This issue has now been translated into Japanese, making it the first-ever Japanese language edition of our magazine.

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