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1/2006 content:

"Wheat for cakes, but barley for beer!" – the traditional Brewing Right has led to a great variety of beers, Blood Type: Beer Positive – how beer is brewed and drunk today, Bon appétit!: Czech Gastronomy enters the EU – Czech cuisine is quite varied and there are innumerable regional specialities, In Vino Veritas – an invitation to the wine region of Znojmo, Gallery – wine cellars – visiting winemakers and drinking good wine in their cellars, Where There’s Water, There’s a Cure.
there are many mineral and curative springs in Bohemia and Moravia, The Phenomenon of Czech Pubs – Petr Korbel looks at the historical importance of pubs in the Czech lands and invites everyone for a beer, "Where beer is brewed, there all is good" – a tour of small breweries with both tradition and a future, Mosaic – news and information from the Czech Republic, A Feast for Pork Lovers – the killing and butchering of a pig is an event, holiday and feast all in one

2/2006 content:

Olga & Olga – the filmmakers Sommerová and Spatova speak about gentlemen and feminism, Women Tractor-drivers and Lady Soldiers – the “equality” of women under Communism, Strange Girl – Iva Bittova has conquered the world’s stages with her violin playing and beautiful singing, Top Models with Big Hearts – profiles of Czech supermodels who show us that beauty is more than skin deep, Airy Beauty – the ancient art of lace making where art is transformed into the everyday,
Tinity & Blanka – Blanka Matragi is the fixed star and Sona Hlavackova the rising star of Czech fashion design, The Muses of Photogenie – women as the glorified object of photographic portrait, Eva Fuka: “It’s my world.” – reflections of this Czech photographer who emigrated to the United States, Mosaic – news and information from the Czech Republic, Vitezslava Kapralova – a shooting star in Czech classical music

3/2006 content:

The Drama of the Prague Basin – the city of Prague is changing through major developments and projects from leading urban designers, Zlin and Bata – the dream fulfilled of one city and one company, The Jested Icon – this broadcast tower – winner of the Auguste Perret Prize – was and is legendary, Ostrava – SORELA – many examples of Socialist Realist architecture have been preserved in this mining city, The Müller Villa – a vision of living by Adolf Loos that is the symbol of Functionalism’s golden age, The Two Aspects of Czech Cubism – this style represents a unique Czech contribution to the history of architecture,
Gallery – the future of Wenceslas Square as seen in the winning design by the studios of Cigler Marani Architects, Cottages All the Rage – this unique collection of photographs by Veronika Zapletalova is accompanied by Vladimir Sevela’s outstanding essay, Young Blood – a new generation of architects has arrived on the scene, The Poetic Minimalism of Eva Jiricna – the first lady of Czech architecture has her world-renowned studio in London, Mosaic – news and information from the Czech Republic, Open-air Museums – homes for the treasures of folk architecture

4/2006 content:

Lord of the Seas from the Heart of Europe – Josef Ressel from Chrudim made oars obsolete, Between Streams of Water and Thought – Viktor Kaplan’s turbine is one of the most widely used inventions in the world, “Czech Minds” Abroad – men who have brought renown to Czech scholarship around the world, Karel Schinzel: An Inventor Crossed by Fate – he was responsible for both Kodachrome and Agfacolour colour film, Gallery – the word “robot” is of Czech origin, first used in Karel Capek’s play R.U.R.,
Karel Klic – Inventor of Photogravure – artist, caricaturist, and inventor of the revolutionary printing technology known as photogravure, World-Class Patents – plasma pens and nanospiders – just some of the latest inventions from the minds of Czech inventors, Fantastic Worlds in the Films of Karel Zeman – these magical films used pioneering special effects, Mosaic – news and information from the Czech Republic, Otto Witcherle – inventor of the contact lens

5/2006 content:

Slavonice – a town shaped by the Renaissance, A Paper Treasure – a 400-year-old tradition of handmade paper, Luhacovice – one of the most distinctive spas in the Czech Republic, Black Ostrava – industrial monuments: mines, steel mills, mining technology, Ride of the Kings – a medieval folk tradition still flourishing in Moravia, Trebon – a heritage of fisheries in the southern Bohemian countryside, The
Czech Paradise – a UNESCO geopark: an exciting countryside of stone cities, castles and precious stones, Podyji National Park – the smallest Czech national park, hidden in the pristine meanders of the Dyje River, Mosaic – interesting people, places and events in the Czech Republic, Braun's "Bethlehem" – Baroque sculptures by Matyas Braun bring alive the sandstone rocks of the chateau at Kuks

6/2006 content:

Surprising Religious Shifts at the Heart of Europe – the Czech lands as a spiritual space, Miracles, and St. Matthew’s Pilgrimage – pilgrimages: originally religiously motivated journeys, today occasions for merrymaking, The Guests at Czech Hospices – homes for the terminally ill are no houses of horror, The clients at Camphill, Ceske Kopisty – having found a home here, the mentally handicapped work hard to keep it, The Bethlehem Chapel Revivus – the place where the legendary Jan Hus preached now regains its dignity, The forgotten inheritance – of the (not only) small stone monuments
of the Bohemian Forest, Holy Protectors of the Czech Lands – highly educated personalities and martyrs, rooted in Czech history, Traditional Pilgrimage Sites – an invitation to sites where people “seek grace”, The Trials of Jan Koblasa – his statues found in collections in Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Aswan, at home his name was taboo for twenty years, Mosaic – interesting people and events in the Czech Republic, Witnesses to Bygone Tragedies – for a long time it was not clear what purpose was served by these stone crosses in the countryside

SPECIAL/2006 content:

The Land of Sport? – a look at the history of sport in the Czech lands, Green is the Grass, Football is the Game – how we turned from outsiders into favourites, The Decathlon and the Javelin – the jewels of Czech track and field, Just Like Old Times? – young stars are returning Czech tennis to the top, An Element Made for Czechs – slalom canoeing, sprint canoeing and even yachting, Gallery – Czech sporting hall of fame,
The Golden Age of Ice – ice hockey is an unrivalled phenomenon in the Czech Republic, A Kingdom of Snow – skiers are looking forward to the Winter Olympics in Turin with great hopes, Lone Stars – individualists who dominate their disciplines, The Road to the Paralympic Games – just what is sledge hockey?, Five Rings Above Prague – is the idea of holding the Olympics in Prague realistic?

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Welcome to the Heart of Europe is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the Czech Republic published by THEO Publishing in cooperation with the Press Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was launched in 1994 and is distributed to Czech embassies and consulates abroad, missions and Czech information and cultural centres as well as to passengers on Czech Airlines flights.

It appears in five languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

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A Japanese edition of the review Welcome to the Heart of Europe!
In late 2004, we published a special issue of the review devoted entirely to Czech music. This issue has now been translated into Japanese, making it the first-ever Japanese language edition of our magazine.

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