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1/2009 content:

Everyone must respect the rules – says Mirek Topolánek, Czech Prime Minister and current EU Council President, Madeleine Albright: A Political Original – a portrait of the first woman to become American Secretary of State, The Czech Republic: Ten Years in NATO – Czechs cofirm their role within the North Atlantic Pact, We Took Part in the Battle of Britain – Czech pilots and their important role in the air battles of the Second World War, Gallery – Czech pilots in the service of the RAF; unique photos by Ladislav Sitenský, Three Aces in Brussels – Which important Czechs now make the European metropolis their permanent home?, Subcarpathian Rus Returns – the continuing
relationship between the Czech Republic and a former part of Czechoslovakia, The Czech Presence in Bulgaria – Czechs and their leading role in establishing Bulgarian archaeology, civil engineering and education, How We Built Sarajevo – how Czech architects, headed by Karel Parik, changed the face of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eighteen Years on its Own Hundred Feet – the children’s peace movement Centipede, which has collected more than 3.8 million euros for charity, Mosaic – events linked to the Czech Presidency of the EU Council, EUROPA MUSICALIS – the international opera festival Smetana’s Litomyšl, now with a more than fifty-year-old tradition

2/2009 content:

“The Union must not fail to ensure prosperity,” – says Alexandr Vondra, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, What is Czech beer? – the most distinctive Czech product: taking on Brussels, Tatra – the famous Czech vehicle manufacturer looking to production in the USA, Blata Blansko – a Czech motorcycle manufacture at war with Chinese copycats and his “tough roots”, Maestro of Crystal – the story of Czech glassmaker Miroslav Havel, Photogallery – Czech 100 design icons, Playing Around in Brussels – the interactive exhibition Orbis
Pictus, or “Please touch!”, Czech Scientists on Distant Continents – the Czech entomologist Jan Zdarek and his battle against the tsetse fly, Machu Picchu Endangered? – the Czech geologist Vít Vilímek and the sacred city of the Incas, My Place is in the Laboratory – the Czech scientist Antonín Holý, discoverer of dozens of highly effective medicines, Mosaic – events linked to the Czech Presidency of the EU Council, Martinů Revisited – marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of one of the most famous Czech composers

3/2009 content:

A Second Life for Czech PET Bottles – as transformed by the artist Veronika Richterova, An Electricity Powerhouse – the Czech CEZ, one of Europe’s most successful electric power firms, The Future of Energy is Alternative – notes on a growing trend among Czechs, Protecting the Climate – a priority of the Czech Presidency, Photogallery – ecological and nature-friendly architecture, An Invitation to the Czech
Forests – the right to ramble, firmly based in Czech law, Returning Animals to their Homes – the return to the wild of the unique Prewalski’s Horse and other species, The Air is Getting Cleaner – eco-agriculture, eco-foods, clean air, Mosaic – events relating to the Czech Presidency of the EU, Seeking and Finding the Most Beautiful Trees – the annual Tree of the Year award

4/2009 content:

The Light and the Dark of the Rudolphine Era – Rudolph II’s reign (1575–1612), a time of great change in Prague, The World of the Man of Paper – the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527–1593) and his multifaceted talents , Mystical Places in Bohemia and Moravia – mysterious places in the heart of Europe, presented by Jan A. Novak, An Enlightened Patron – Franz Anton Count Sporck (1662–1738), one of Baroque Bohemia’s most unusual noblemen , Photogallery – Matyáš Bernard Braun’s Virtues and Vices at the chateau complex in Kuks,
Historical Fencing, or a Republic of Knights – the sound of knightly combat enlivening Czech castles, chateaus, fortified towers and ruins , King of the Engravers Zdenek Mezl – portrait of an outstanding contemporary Czech graphic artist, The Distant Past in Czech Films – Czech history on the screen, interpreted by the film critic Jan Foll, Mosaic – recent events in the Czech Republic, Mount Calvary in Jaromerice – a charming pilgrimage site not far from Jaromerice u Jevicka

5/2009 content:

Recalling November 1989 – introductory words from Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout, Charter 77 and the Dissident Movement – historian Milan Barta’s survey of the origin and activities of a group of activists working against the regime , November – two Novembers in Czech history, as seen by Antoine Marčs, OF – Civic Forum – the political movement that arose , Gallery – the departure of Soviet soldiers from Czechoslovakia as captured by Karel Cudlín, Two Lives from Narodní trida – Monika
Pajerova and Simon Panek, two representatives of the student movement in the late 1980s, Our Contribution to the EU – suggestions by four leading public figures as to what the Czech Republic can offer the EU, If Magor didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him – Ivan Martin Jirous, poet and dissident , Mosaic – milestones during the last twenty years in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, Children of the Revolution – twenty-year-olds in the Czech Republic

6/2009 content:

Mime – the history and present state of Czech mime, as seen by Ladislava Petiskova, The Unhappy Pierrot – the story of the Czech-French actor Jean-Gaspard Deburau, The Flagship – Archa Theatre – introducing innovative productions and leading personalities from abroad to the Czech Republic, and promoting its own creations , Czech Amateur Theatre – The first amateur theatre was founded in Vysoka nad Jizerou by Jan Petruska in 1786., A Year in the National Theatre – a photo project by Bohdan Holomicek , Goose on a String – two adventurous projects by the
leading Moravian experimental theatre: One Hundred Years of the Cobra and Perversion in Bohemia, The Wooden Universe of Vera and Frantisek – Few artists are as demanding and uncompromising in their craft as Vera Ricarova and Frantisek Vitek, says Ondrej Hrab., ChecoArt – the mysteries of art and puppetry taught to selected Brazilians by Czech artists , Mosaic – selected cultural events in the Czech Republic towards the end of 2009, The Summer Letna Festival – introducing a new phenomenon to the Czech Republic – contemporary circus

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Welcome to the Heart of Europe is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the Czech Republic published by THEO Publishing in cooperation with the Press Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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A Japanese edition of the review Welcome to the Heart of Europe!
In late 2004, we published a special issue of the review devoted entirely to Czech music. This issue has now been translated into Japanese, making it the first-ever Japanese language edition of our magazine.

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